Our mission is to bring women peace of mind and empower them to make smart decisions when it comes to finances. We believe in education as a tool for all women, no matter where they are in their lives.

Fabfemfinance is a site for women of all ages and life stages to learn about personal finance, no matter what their current knowledge base is. We all know that women tend to outlive men, so there is a high likelihood that all women, even those who are currently married and have delegated finances to their spouse, will spend some portion of their lives being solely responsible for their finances. There is material for women who are just embarking on their finances, as well as for those who are well established but would like more guidance on more complex aspects of personal finance, such as retirement or estate planning. We want women to be knowledgeable and confident that they can achieve their financial goals.

We educate through three channels: the blog, which you can subscribe to and have fresh content delivered right to your inbox; courses which you can purchase; and inviting JJ to speak to your organization on a personal financial topic. In addition, JJ is available for divorce financial analysis at www.divorcenest.com for women who need assistance with their finances during divorce, to help ensure they do not incur financial difficulties down the road due to decisions made during the divorce process.

We do not manage money here at FFF but can refer out to knowledgeable planners if that service is requested. We work with fee-based as well as hourly and retainer-based professionals.


JJ focuses on women and their financial needs, and her goal is to empower women through financial education, including divorce financial analysis. She is a Certified Financial Planner™ and a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® professional. She can also be found on the internet at her divorce financial website, www.divorcenest.com as well as on LinkedIn at www.linkedin.com/jenniferjank and Pinterest.

Having been in financial services since 1998, she has a wide variety of experience. JJ has been employed in a private bank, a large regional wealth manager, and a registered independent advisory (RIA) firm. In addition, she has worked for a mutual fund consulting company and a fixed income software firm.

JJ holds a BA in Physics from Rutgers University and an MBA in Finance from New York University. While living and working in Virginia, she was President of the Loudoun County chapter of NAPW, the National Association of Professional Women.

She is a speaker on various financial topics, such as “Silver Divorce” and financial planning as a career for women, as well as an author.

JJ lives in the Coachella Valley of California with her rescue cats, Veronica and Tyler. She enjoys volunteering at the Humane Society and the symphony.